31 January 2012


USUALLY I can find something to write about with my blog posts. I guess I don't have much to say except my lover and I have the same day off today, which almost never happens. So we are going to spend some much needed R & R and other fun stuff together. Especially since he's due to JET SET out tomorrow night to make a life for us! 

SO this post is really exciting! MY second big sponsorship since I became a fashion blogger! I got this lovely dress from sheinside.com. I chose this dress of everything that I could choose (and they have lots of lovely designed items) because I love the color, and the simplistic feminine detail with the bows on the back. The shift dress silhouette is a nod to MOD, so I had to have it. 

BUT I have to be honest. Although the dress is cute and lovely, it isn't the best quality. I'm not sure I would honestly pay as much as they have it retailing for. The fabric seems a slight bit on the lower quality. But it's not much different than buying clothing from some of your favorite stores anyways.

SO I'd say if you're looking for something trendy, different, and unique and willing to spend the cash, knowing that the quality might not be 100%, then sheinside.com would be a great site for you! I am definitely content with this dress myself.

Enjoy your day!


Rachel BETH

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

30 January 2012


AS YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW, I sort of shop at JCPenney a lot. Understandably, JCPenney has a long standing public reputation that I probably don't need to go into. I just really happen to like their "designer collaborations" they have; Olsenboye, I Heart Ronson, Call it Spring. 

But it seems like with a change in pricing, and a change in CEO comes a whole new JCP. I just received the catalog in the mail, and boy was I surprised! It looks like a cross between a J CREW / GAP / TARGET catalog all wrapped into one. The rainbow displays are yummy, and definitely cater to a younger, hipper, consumer.

All of their older brands have kind of been either pushed to the side, or re-imagined as well. St. John's Bay has been re-imagined as a preppy guys dream brand; All of their trendier brands that never really go the marketing they deserved (like Olsenboye or MNG by MANGO) is getting the center stage.

I'm so excited for JCP. I really thought this price change was going to weaken the JCP brand. But I can't wait for this new JCP!


26 January 2012


Just some more photos of me, above, in my outfit that I'm currently "living in", and a Michigan Winter. Too bad all the snow melted from that weird January Thunderstorm we had on Monday.

Bon Hiver!

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

25 January 2012


Forget pastels, let's talk BON VOYAGE. Prep school nerd, meets summer holiday as first mate. That's what I'm looking forward to this season. Wasn't ethereal fairies and bubblegum mod princesses so last year? 

My thrifted navy blazer complete with "gold" buttons give a bit of nautical, and a bit of preppy queen. My tan blouse is actually a dress I got from Target, that I ruined, and instead cut and sewed into a shirt. It's sort of safari-like, but goes great under a blazer and tucked nicely into my high waisted jeans. I'm quite a short little lady, so these jeans actually elongate my leg so much that they make me look taller than I truly am. And at the same time, accentuate my waist. Double duty! 

To top it all off, bright red lips just completes this outfit. Sans makeup? Lipstick is better than those trite, overdone 'cat eyes' anways.


Rachel Beth

Images by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

24 January 2012


SO HERE WE GO. It's the first 'LOOK' of the New Year. 2012. What will is bring? What will my looks bring? I'm hoping to bring a bit more cohesiveness to my pictures. Everything shot in the same place with the same look. I love the way nature can inspire and affect the entire look of an outfit. But I want to stay warm, and have less reliance on the weather. So most of my outfits will probably shot inside, in my room.

Not too long ago, I blogged about where I want my fashion sense, my style, to evolve. I've always been a passionate person, and right now my passions seem to be revolving around changing my self image, and the weight society has on that. I've never been one to put too much emphasis on societies perceptions, but I've definitely allowed those around me to shape the way I think about myself. It's hard not to. All of the sudden this subjective view of yourself is shattered by those around you, whom you think are being objective. But really they are just trying to harm your confidence, and sell you a product.

I've always been an overly feminine girl. A 'girly girl'. Moving slowly away from that is very liberating; allowing myself to find the beauty in who I am, the way that I was born to look. I've been hoping to ditch the all dresses look and incorporate more suiting. This is a slow process! I'm not extremely rich. I don't get clothing handed to me. So, adding in quality pants takes money; and time for me to earn it.

I've also always been a prep at heart. I got this houndstooth brown/black shoulder padded cropped jacket from the Salvation Army right before Christmas. I'm obsessed with it. OBSESSED. I love the power in the shoulder pads. I have such a feminine, petite frame that the shoulder pads square me off and create this large and I think nice contrast. I also like how it's contrasting two eras, the power of the 80's and mod of the 60's.

I think you've seen this skirt before. I love the fact that I've gotten so much wear out of it. I think one of the BIGGEST reasons I started this blog is just to show a REAL Fashion Blogger. Someone who doesn't get handouts (sure I've gotten a couple; I've turned down a lot). Someone who doesn't have an expendable bank account. Someone who is shopping at MIDDLE AMERICA type shops. I have always loved Fashion Blogs, been inspired by them. But how does that translate to the REAL BUDGET? This is it.


Well, here I am. Happy with being flawed, imperfect me. I have absolutely, 100% NO MAKEUP on in this photo, minus the obvious (lipstick). Are this photos photoshopped? Yes, I've made my a slight bit warmer. But I've done nothing with my face. And I'm happy to say I feel satisfied. I'm happy to be giving up the discomfort of makeup. I'm happy to be giving my true self a go and accepting me.

You should too! On a final note, I could literally live in this outfit forever.


Rachel Beth

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

19 January 2012


I'm not much of a beauty trend follower, or reporter, but I have to say I'm loving this new article on The New York Times. Only because it describes my makeup regiment to a T, or to say, my former makeup regiment. Recently I've been trying the 'au naturelle' look, only applying Pond's Face Lotion. All this "sans le maquillage" has made life feel more liberating, not having to apply even under eye concealer or mascara and worry about smudging if my eyes itch. 

The best part about not wearing as much makeup is the process of accepting, loving, and being proud of my "imperfections". You know, the things that make me uniquely me, yet society continually tells me are wrong or should be reduced to be considered attractive and worthy. It's been very difficult to convince myself that my genetically dark circles (that with no amount of tea bag applying, cucumber resting, or concealer covering will get rid of), short, almost non existent eyelashes, and two or three toned skin complexion is beautiful. 

ME RIGHT NOW: sans makeup, sans Pond's, sans glasses, sans hairbrush, sans English.

This whole "no makeup" resolution has also pique my interest in different make up tools that I never used to use. I've literally ditched the mascara, concealer and blush for lipstick. The only makeup that has hit my face in over 2 weeks has been a different shade of lip color. I love how much lip color can change the way an outfit looks, completely enhancing it or toning it down.

SO maybe I haven't given up on makeup yet, but I'll tell you when I get there. Probably when I post pictures on here with no makeup will be the day. You know, professional ones. I just want to be happy with who I am. I want to inspire my readers that wearing loads of makeup, including the atrocious "Cat eye" trend is actually less flattering. I'm just glad to hear that fashion is finally, possibly, listening to the average person's desires. 

To get the whole dish on this new trend, read the article here.


Rachel B.

18 January 2012


TODAY, VARNISHED JEANS stands with everyone in saying STOP SOPA and PIPA. If you're unsure what this means, please, educate yourself and fast. And call your congressman. 

THIS IS THE NEW FACE OF INTERNET IF THESE BILLS GET PASSED. MY BLOG as well as many other websites will be completely shut down because of their dependence on content.




17 January 2012


Just a fun mash up of what all the internet websites are saying about THE GLOBES. Kinda fun how you can pull a trend just out of anything. So many trends were on display! Good thing so each site has something different to say about the fashions.

Since a trend is the progress something is making, the direction in which it appears to be going, I suppose trends can be just a hole 'lotta hooey to get people interested in buying items. Just an observation about a situation, something that explains the whole.

I gotta say though, I'm happy there wasn't an overarching "orange glow" about the globes, if you get my drift. It's nice to see natural skin tones trendy.




Have you noticed less pictures of me, more writing? 
Hoping to see more outfits and my dear face on this thing?

Well, my photographer and I have been discussing new ways of taking pictures.
I'm interested in making a change in my photos, the way they look,
the way they are taken, everything. 

This 'change' seems to be taking longer than I anticipated, but I hope to have
new photos for everyone very very soon. Maybe next week? Hope so.

Until then, I'm going to be writing. Maybe posting pictures from facebook
and twitter since I've been posting amateur photobooth outfit photos. If
you'd like to see those in real time, you should follow me on TWITTER or fan

I hope you stay with me here while I go through this 'metamorphosis'.