31 May 2010

Upcoming Projects: Betty Draper Edition


Arguably one of the most fashionable fictional characters currently inhabiting the television set is none other than the 1960's viper that is Betty Draper. Oddly enough her knee length skirts and simple patterns and cuts continue to resonate with it's modern audiences. Her outfits continue to inspire the fashion forward because of their timeless elegance with classic femininity.

I'm so inspired every week the new Mad Men episodes air on AMC by all the women but more than any Betty's wardrobe speaks to me. Its jilted me so much that I seek out modern - and not so modern representations of her style through a 2010 lens.


So this week I'm working on a new project and a not-so-new project. I picked up these two nightgowns from the Salvation Army. You're probably thinking I'm really into nightgowns -ha- I'm not. The first one I picked up - the gorgeous ethereal cinderella blue beauty I purchased two years ago and decided to bead the bodice. I'm still not done with beading (those seed beads are incredibly difficult to apply and its tedious work people!) but I plan on finishing it once and for all. That finishing will consist of appling a liner and maybe a bit of a modification of the bottom half.


Last week I purchased the pale yellow tent-esque gown. Although the creative forces are still in progress within my brain, I've decided so far that I love the silhouette the dress already exhibits and that a simply lift of the length may suffice.

Stay Tuned!

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