29 February 2012


OKAY SO I'VE BEEN REALLY WORKING HARD ON THIS EVERYONE. I'm so so so incredibly excited to announce my partnership with SUGARLIPS APPAREL! This is really big for my little tank engine of a blog here! 

SUGARLIPS sent me this great dress! I wanted to pick something that isn't traditionally "RACHEL". And even though the strips of this dress and the colors are definitely "RACHEL" prep, the body con is definitely out of my character, and the mini wings. 

Since this dress is so wonderfully simple, I wanted to show several ways to wear this dress. I guess I should mention this has been on my mind for a while too. Anyone who reads this blog knows that it's all about being fashionable while actually saving money. And so you see me repeatedly wear items from my closet, 'cause you know I'm a real 23 year old lady, with real "money". So here are several ways to stretch this dress to the edge. And lets be real, this dress will be perfect for summer as well.

So here we go, 5 looks, 5 days, courtesy of VARNISHED JEANS & SUGARLIPS:

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

27 February 2012



SINCE  SPRING IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, I've been sifting through my old posts on SPRING 2012 FASHION WEEK to get some inspiration for updating my wardrobe. It seems like this whole "pastel trend" really isn't going away. And not that I don't like pastels, I do, I just don't. . . well I don't know. I guess I've never truly given them a try. I was joking that maybe if I truly gave pastels a try it might be something like the above.

I mean, everything I really loved from fashion week was decked out in some form of pastel (or white):

SO I'M TORN! I don't want to give up the dark colors yet. I guess I just have to go back to the drawing board. Decide what I really want to bring into my spring wardrobe: pastels or reds. I could definitely do whites, reds, tans, navies. So probably something like this:

WE SHALL SEE. IN OTHER NEWS, a couple new outfit photos tomorrow from a new partnership! So excited to show you how I styled the same item twice. And definitely a comfortable addition to a blossoming spring wardrobe. Sorry for the pun. 

Rachel B.

24 February 2012


I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE IMPORTANT TO NOTE that in my last post I wanted to go into all the depths of nostalgia and how it's important to move on. It's important to recognize that fetishizing something for what it truly wasn't is just holding us back. Actually, it's taking us back, creating a resurgence of ideas that seek to oppress those that have overcome.

I really wanted to explain that recognizing our society is constantly looking back is appearing everywhere right now. Especially in the Oscar Nominated movie Midnight in Paris. And what do you know, just so happens that on a favorite website of mine, is discussing just that.

As much as I agree with basically all that this article is discussing, I think that looking back really just holds us back. It's digressive, not progressive. And especially is the case for the emergence of ideas like this, this, and this

And that's just it. Everyone is always dissatisfied with their life, no matter what era. What's important is to seek contentment now. Or we'll all just wasting away our lives being wistful.

23 February 2012



 I'M MOURNING THE DEATH OF NOSTALGIA in my nostalgic dress. I once bought this dress with the intention of trying to include longer length dresses and skirts into my wardrobe. MID LENGTH skirts and dresses are definitely on trend. Unfortunately, or fortunately, trendy items don't always fit a person's style, even if you like them very much. Like MID LENGTH skirts on me. I'm a relatively short-average sized lady, 5'5''. What I've learned is that any skirt thats "longer", mid length or floor, really makes me feel shorter than I really am. And really only best worn with massive heels.

SO THIS '50's throwback dress really doesn't work too well on my body, or really any throwback items. And so I'm mourning. 

IT'S TIME TO MOVE FOWARD FROM THIS DESIRE TO GET BACK TO A BETTER TIME. I'd never want to live in the Mad Men age, even if I do admire the fashion.


Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

22 February 2012


I REALLY WANT TO START THINKING FORWARD, assembling a wardrobe for spring. THIS can be a difficult task for me since I've been so embroiled in FASHION WEEK and the colors of fall.  Also, the weather in MICHIGAN goes from snow to rain, snow to rain every few days. 

I've got to start looking back at spring inspirations. I really love the idea of everything white, everything pastels. But honestly, it's just the idea of it that I love. I'm not really sure if that is a facet of my personality, truly. I'm not sure I can really see myself decked out in some MIAMI VICE type attire. Because I'm sure thats what I might look like, with a bunch of pastel blazers? I don't know. I'm really not into being completely girly girly, foofy foofy. I really want to mix having a romantic style that isn't overwhelmingly romantic and feminine. I want it to hint at femininity, yet still be semi androgynous. 

So I guess that's kind of what I'm trying to do with this outfit. I'm so inspired by catalogs; is that weird? There's something so easy about assembling outfits based on catalog outfits. So basically the J. CREW catalog gives me all of the ideas I need to really create an outfit all my own. 

So, I've been really interested in this idea of pairing "sweats" with "non-sweats". So here I am wearing this red sweatshirt I thrifted for $1.00. I've paired it with a wool J. CREW mini skirt and my velvet collar. The sweatshirt really isn't a sweatshirt anymore with these two items. Somehow it becomes a comfortable cotton red sweater that looks adorable with the large pockets of the skirt. So I guess this normally dowdy type of clothing item looks feminized. 

And I'm doing something I NEVER DO. I'm showing off one of my thrifted purses. I got this purse for $1.50. It looks like a simple, elegant, coach bag. I think it goes well with this outfit, so why not?



Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

20 February 2012





JUST A SMALL AMOUNT of shows to look at today! I've been sifting through the remains of NYFW. I guess my mood is a little bit different today. I'm just feeling a little more prone toward "fun" collections... which means not too fun, ha. Might have something to do with the fact that currently, this is my favorite song:


Anyway, I think the PREEN show is a little out of the ordinary for me to be attracted to, but I just love the butterflies and how it reminds me of an nice way of incorporating an indian summer into your fall wardrobe. I'm also kinda bummed by RODARTE this year. Some strong looks no less, but just didn't feel altogether attracted to their show as I do normally. Oh, and I guess I should mention that I really only liked the beginning of BETSY JOHNSON. . . wished her collection was more cohesive and incorporated more of the "TIC TAC TOE" element.

So, I'm going to sing like GWEN STEFANI all day. Doesn't she look so lushes as a brunette? UH - HUH.


Rachel B.

Images from nymag.com