31 August 2011

H&M Pants Collection 2011

Last night, H&M released new photos of their 2011 Pants Collection! I'm a big believer in anything and everything H&M puts out there, so of course I'm loving their trouser styles. 

I really love the wide pant trouser trend. I just don't know if I'd ever really look that good with a wide trouser like that. They're definitely something you have to wear with heels and probably look fantastic on  the vertically inclined. I'm not one of those people. But, maybe I can pull them off. 

I also really love these men's trousers. They mimic the harem pant trend, but look more sophisticated and less pajama like. They'd also be a great choice to show off some awesome shoes.

And of course, I hope the super skinny trend never goes away. I know that it seems like flared jeans are all the rage since the 70's were back in for spring and summer, but I'm just not a flared kinda girl! I love how a cigarette jean elongates my body. Flares just seem to widen my waist, especially depending on the flare size. I'm so happy to see H&M putting out a camel skinny trouser though. Definitely something I would wear with a sweater or blazer. 

You can see the entire H&M pant collection here, on H&M's facebook page.


Images from H&M.

29 August 2011

Fall Sneak Peek: Urban Outfitters

Today in my email I got an exclusive preview of Urban Outfitters new items for fall! I wanted to share with everyone what I got to see, and what I absolutely love!

I love these tweed trousers and blazer. They follow with one of my favorite trends, the tuxedo trend. I love that they aren't completely elegant though, but casual and collegiate. These would be perfect to wear around an autumnal college campus, or just pretending to be still in college. 

Again, this sweater dress would be perfect with a pair of tights, some oxfords or lace up boots and the tweed blazer on top. Another perfect autumnal look or back to school outfit. 

I just absolutely adore this adorable tote. I love the zipper detailing, the accompanying side strap, and the black detailing on the corners. It reminds me of a back I've been eyeing at the J. Crew Factory store called "The Weekender". It's absolutely a retro style weekend tote that would be a perfect fall accessory. 

I'm going to a Tiger's game tonight. Can't wait! 


MTV VMA Fashion Favorites..

I'm not really a huge fan of awards shows, but I figured the MTV VMA's might be a really fun awards show to watch. Especially for the ridiculous celebrity fashion choices. And man, it did NOT disappoint.

One of the classiest ladies of the night, for sure was Adele. I'm being completely real, sans sarcasm, when I say she looked flawless. The dress she showed up to the VMA's in was a bit blah, but she still looked absolutely fabulous. I think this entrance dress was downplayed because the Barbara Tfank dress she wore for her performance of "Someone Like You" was a dream. Definitely not blah. And her hair was styled to perfection.

The other celebrities that decided to dress out of the box, or, for Katy Perry's sake, with a box on her head, let's just say a lot of their choices just kinda flopped for me. 

I love Nikki Minaj, but she just looked like a children's landfill. I'm not really sure what to look at when I look at her because it's just too much. Too much horribleness. I usually think she takes some nice fashion risks and can sometimes pay off. And I generally like how playfully she dresses. But this is too much. It's called editing, Minaj.

Same goes with Katy Perry. Everything she wore just fell flat. I did think the most interesting thing she wore of the night was the Christian Dior Fall 2011 cube ensemble. It was very playful, the outfit itself, however I don't think she pulls a cube hat off very well. It looked like at any moment it might just fall right off her head, and just poorly styled. Nothing like how it appeared on the runway.

And honestly, I think Katy had something going with her black hair. She was the only pop star really with black hair. Now she's just another pop star thats dying her hair a thousand different colors, and we already have 2 like that.


Images from mtv.com

26 August 2011

The Gentlewoman

I know every Michigander is feeling the sting Border's going out of business. As much as I sort of enjoyed perusing their "going out of business sale" shelves with nothing like "going out of business sale prices" (I mean really? 10% off? You're going OUT OF BUSINESS!), it was still sad. 

I did find some really great stuff though, like this magazine, The Gentlewoman. It's this new kind of fashion magazine thats only published biannually, it's not absurdly thick with millions of advertisements, and it doesn't leave it's reader hanging.

The Gentlewoman is divided into four chapters, Modernisms, Features, Fashions, & Etcetera. The simple and sleek style allows the reader to concentrate on the interesting interviews, fabulous pictures, and content of the magazine.

What's most different and interesting about this magazine is two things: 1. the way they approach discussing fashion with their audience, and 2. the extra information they provide to their readers about everything they feature in the magazine.

Chapter 3: Fashions: "Colorations"

So this isn't just about discussing the latest trends with massive collages of different designers works that seems as though they were made for the ADD sufferer. It's in your face trendiness. Flip through the "Colourations" section and the latest color trends are full page pictures of the colors. It almost makes me want to rip out little swatches to keep on my mirror or in my journal. But I could never do that to a magazine like this.

Chapter 3: Fashions: "Swoosh"

They also have single page pictures of simple examples of the latest trends in clothing as well. So it's no longer about having a headache looking through your favourite fashion magazine, but being able to breath and comprehend just exactly what's in this season.

Chapter 4: Etcetera

The "Etcetera" Chapter is the most interesting and innovative part of the magazine. It gives you the backstory on the interviewees, fashion history lessons, an index for every name listed in the magazine and an advertising index complete with web addresses. So no more reading an article and jumping to your computer when you have no idea what designer or PR person they are talking about, or what this designer is famous for. It's all there in "Etcetera".

I really love what The Gentlewoman is putting out there. It's sophisticated, elegant, informative, interesting, and intelligent. Their interviews explore how powerful and intelligent women can be, free of stupid questions about favorite makeup or their relationships with their significant others. They read more like mini biographies than the typical question answer session that's printed right on the page.

I just had to share it with everyone! 

~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~

In other news, I'm going to a fashion show tonight in Detroit! I'm very excited to see what they'll be serving up and can't wait to blog about it!

Take care,


25 August 2011

Favorite Fall Trends

I went through all my favorite style website to comprise a list of my favorite fall trends! Check them out below and places where you can purchase items.

Leather Skirts

I love the leather mini tread because it maintains all the playfulness of a mini skirt while adding an element of edginess to feminine outfit. I would pair a leather mini like this with short booties, heels, or knee high saddle boots. Thats the beauty of a leather mini, it can take you anywhere, from day to night with almost any shoe.

I picked these two leather skirts pictured above from H&M and Free People.

Polka Dots

Do Polka Dots really ever go out of style? I'm just so glad they are "back in" and trendy because I love small, large, any size of polka dot print on anything and everything, not just retro bathing suits. It's all about the Polka dot this season, and almost every major retailer is following this trend so there should be no problem rockin' the dots this fall. 

I love this little baby doll dress from Chicwish.com, and this blouse from Forever 21.

Tuxedo Inspired

Basically, it should come as no surprise that the tuxedo trend is still going strong. The blazer has been a trend for over a year now, and I honestly don't want it to stop. A blazer can immediately add a level of sophistication to an ensemble that almost nothing else can. What I love about this tuxedo trend is the conservative bow tie collars and the tuxedo vest. 

So you could take the Polka Dot blouse above from Forever 21, tie the collar tighter, in a nice big bow, slap a vest over that from H&M, and pair it with the H&M leather skirt and there you you have it, a completely trendy outfit. All these trends kinda bleed together, which makes for easy mixing and matching, and a breather for your wallet.

I love this H&M Blazer, H&M Vest, and Asos Vero Moda Top. The easiest way to update a white collared shirt or blouse you already have is buy some inexpensive black ribbon from a craft store, cut the edges on a diagonal to reduce fraying, and tie it around your collared shirt into a bow or tie. 


I know I've already gushed about the cape trend, but I must talk about it again. It kinda follows in the same vein as the tuxedo trend, because it adds a level of sophistication. But instead it adds a feminine playful sophistication that might get lost by a blazer or tuxedo top.

I picked out these two camel capes from Romwe.com and Topshop. I like both of these for different reasons. I love the massive belt detail on the Romwe cape because it will be waist defining. But I love also love the horse-back riding detailing of the Topshop double buckle cape. 

Sixties Silhouettes

So this trend and the cape trend kinda go hand in hand. I'm a bit confused about this trend because I really thought Seventies silhouettes were coming back but maybe I've been mistaken! Either way, I'm so excited by the resurgence of the sixties because its absolutely one of my favorite fashion decades. 

Even some of the colors of the sixties are back in too, like this mustard yellow long puffy sleeved dress from H&M. I love the lace detailing of this dress from Forever 21. Honestly, both of these dresses just scream Austin Powers to me and it's fantastic! 

Just imagine wearing either of those dresses with one of the capes above, some tights, and little booties! 

Hope you enjoyed my favorite fall trends!



As you may or may not know, this dress is one of the dresses I blogged about last summer in my "Upcoming Projects: Betty Draper Edition". I am so obsessed with the Mad Men fashions (who isn't) and as much as I love everything Betty Draper, Peggy Olsen, and Joan Hollaway wear, I was most interested in all the gorgeous nightgowns I saw on the show.

I mean they just don't make intimates like this anymore. So last summer I finally finished this thing; the beading and the liner. I don't wear it out too much, it's almost too nice!

I love the ethereal summer feeling this nightgown gives. And it's in one of those washed out pastel colors that are were so in this spring/summer. 

I don't know how much to stress this, but imagine if this dress were in a vintage shop. It would definitely be something like $20-40 at least! But I got it at the Salvation Army for $3! Can't beat that. Doesn't take too much money to be fashionable, thats for sure!

Stay tuned for my favorite trends this fall!


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

24 August 2011

The Curve of Forgotten Things

This video is kind of old, and showcases Rodarte's Spring 2011 collection, but I just love it and I had to share it with everyone.

Its called "The Curve of Forgotten Things", and it's a short film featuring the rising style icon Elle Fanning modeling the Mulleavy sisters clothing.

Basically, it's just gorgeous. Hope you enjoy! 


PS. I moved out my apartment today. Such a sad day. So many good memories in it, and it was such a nice little place! It will surely be missed.


I love the blush tones trend that has been going on for the past few seasons. It's like all the colors are washed out for this past spring.

I got this gorgeous little petal embellished dress from J. Crew on sale. It wasn't the best deal, the dress was still rather expensive. But I had to have it! Since it's a shift dress, I paired it with this great gray waist belt from J. Crew as well.

I love my Dolce Vita for Target cork wedges! They are so comfortable to walk in and I love the strap detailing! I think they are all on sale at Target now, for way cheap, so you should check them out!

I applied for an Internship at Free People. Full time, and paid! I'd really love the opportunity to work for a brand like Free People! I hope it works out!

Fall is just around the corner, can't wait! Apparently there's a possibility of tornados tonight in Michigan! Yikes!


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

23 August 2011


Beautiful weather here in Michigan makes for nice photos and flourishing fields. As you may or may not know, I'm a recent college graduate from the University of Michigan. Last May my beloved also graduated from college and while he was finishing up his finals, I was helping him and his roommate clean up their apartment, since they had to move out right after graduation. 

They were the cleanest men I've ever seen, and thats not saying too much. So I decided to whiten up their counter tops with some soft scrub, with bleach. You know, brighten up their chances of getting back their security deposit. 

While cleaning the counters, I realized an orange spot on this dress. I love this dress, the breast pockets, the wide collar, the mock mens shirt feeling. I was in a bad predicament; the bleach had already set in, and the dress was ruined, slated to become a rag. So instead of fretting, I slathered my hands with bleach and created more spots everywhere giving the dress a sort of orangey gray print. No one noticed that it was just a bleach mistake, and truth be told, I've gotten enormous compliments on this dress.


PS. I got these lace up "Oliver Twist" boots from the Salvation Army for $1! They were pretty beat up but I just leather polished them, good as new! 

Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

Free People Fall Lookbook

Last night I was searching through all the new items on freepeople.com. I'm absolutely lusting / gushing over these dresses! This lace dress is exactly something I would wear. I can't decide whether the burgundy or the black is better. They're both great!  

This Vintage Lace dress is exactly the 70's inspired dress I would wear. It has the whimsical throw back sleeves but doesn't completely scream "1970's". The dotted lace is sexy yet still leaves enough to the imagination. The best part is the lace pleating on the chest. I mean, how gorgeous is that?

Finally, some Jeffrey Campbell shoes I can get behind. I'm not a big fan of the Litas everyone seems to be sporting on Lookbook.nu, but I love these marching band - Sgt. Pepper's - Victorian boots! I'm a sucker for any button detailing, and these definitely deviant from the norm!

Finally, a gorgeous camel cape! I love the cape trend, its elegant and nothing like that nasty poncho trend  from the early 2000's. I have to get my hands on one of these. If only I could afford it!

Maybe when they go on sale? Who knows. If I find some cheaper versions, I'll definitely be posting about them.

Until then,


Images via freepeople.com