25 October 2011


It's only a week away from Halloween and the commencement of the end of Autumn in Michigan. I'm enjoying all of my favorite living in Michigan in the country during the fall pastimes. This is probably my last fall here, but I'll explain that later! This weekend my lover and I went to a corn maze. It's been quiet a while since the last time I was trying to find my way through fields of corn plants, but I thought it would be a fun, campy area for a photo shoot.

Not too long ago I was reading this book on Coco Chanel, something like, Life Lessons by Coco Chanel or the Gospel of Coco Chanel. I never really ended up getting through the whole thing before I had to return it due to piling late fees. One of the "life lessons" I suppose I learned was the ability to have a catalog of everything in my wardrobe. Kinda like the computer catalog that Cher has in Clueless, but only in my mind. Chanel thought it important that every woman have this skill, and be able to mismatch every item within. Therefore the "what should I wear" or "I don't have anything to wear" conundrum would be eliminated.

I've been really trying to work on this trait lately. Before I started my blog these things kind of came naturally. It was fun to dance around my room to my favorite Jens Lekman album or whatever and thing up new ways to wear my clothing, since I was a poor college student who didn't even have the money to shop at Salvation Army.

Now that my aesthetic is on display for the entire world to critique, it's been a bit more difficult. I had some parties and people to see on Friday, so I put this outfit together. Most of the items in this outfit I've worn before on this blog, besides the skirt. The white thrifted shirt has been worn most recently here, the scarf I wore in Chicago as a bow in my hair. I've worn the belt so much it's almost ridiculous, the best .50 cents ever spent. The heels and tights I've worn in the school hard, as well as the beret.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I want my blog to be like that. I want it to showcase my wardrobe and my ability to use pieces over and over again in different ways. Or maybe the same because they are static pieces, but with different garments. I want to maintain my sense of averageness. I'm the average 23 year old girl, with the average income, and here's what I can do with it.

This skirt I'm wearing is actually a pencil skirt that I adjusted the length to, making it a little shorter. It also falls like a normal skirt, on the hip. I pulled it up, tightened my belt, and made it into a mock paper-bag skirt. It was a really easy way to change the silhouette of the skirt, and really the entire outfit.

I got many compliments out on Friday. In fact, one girl told me I should embrace my beauty, and that I should call American Apparel for a job. I was shocked to say the least. I didn't know if that was a compliment or an insult.


Rachel Beth

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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