22 July 2011

Cool Never Fades

It should come as no surprise that I love the clothes Target knocks off. Ever since Target came out with their designer collections, Target as been one of my favourite budget retailers to shop at. They always seem to have the latest trends in relatively good quality materials. And to top if off, they generally will make knock off trendy items at an extremely affordable price.

So when I saw this uber-hip "Cool Never Fades" commercial Target recently released on my television, I swooned. And not just over the gorgeous retro-outfitted baci ball player. No, I'm talking about these babies:

Wedges like these, obviously a knock off of Steve Madden's MAARKEE wedge (and one of Target's no. 1 designers to knock off) retail for $149.95.

But no need to break the bank, now that Target has knocked them off, and the simplicity of the knock off actually makes them more appealing to me. And of course, the price.

Either way, I just can't wait to get my hands on these dolls. 


Image via stevemadden.com


  1. I searched to website for these but couldnt find them. If your able to get a hold of em please let me know how and post a pic of them please! :)

  2. I don't think they've put them in stores or on the website yet. I was in the store earlier this week and I didn't see them. But when I do get them, I'll be sure to post a pic!!