19 July 2011

Relaunch Setbacks...

If you still read this blog, 

you're probably wondering what happened to all the "balls to the wall" talk of a relaunch.

Going for a walk in Rogersville, NB

Well, a few days after I posted about a Varnished Jeans relaunch, some serious things happened in my family that derailed it for quite some time. Firstly, my beloved grandfather, or as we call him "Papiere" died  suddenly in his home in Rogersville, New Brunswick, CA. Once we got news that Papiere had passed, everything changed. My family immediately packed up our bags and made the 19 hour drive from Michigan, through Ontario and Quebec to Rogersville.

Papiere & Memiere

Papiere & Memiere (left) on their wedding day

I thought extensively about taking shots while I was in Rogersville. The scenery is absolutely stunning; something I could really have used to my advantage. However, the week there was filled with overwhelming emotions that it didn't seem respectful or right to be spending time posing in front of trees in my outfits. I needed to be spending time with my family mourning the loss of a great man, but also making priceless memories.

Papiere & Memiere

Once we got back, my sister Emily came to town the very next day. I don't get to see her often so most of the time was spent hanging out with her. As a result of my Papiere's death, my family also had to reschedule my sister Alana's graduation party, which happened this weekend. Family is so important to me, so I've been outrageously busy helping prepare for the party: cooking, decorating, etc. I've also been helping my sister prepare for college next year. 

Now that this difficult time is behind me, the relaunch is back on. Expect new posts within the next few days! 

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