26 July 2011


Remember, about 2 weeks ago, Zooey Deschanel attended the BAFTA gala and was seriously misquoted by Patt Morrison, an LA Times journalist? She posted an awesome, witty response on this really cool website, Hellogiggles.com.

Like everyone else, I was captivated by this journalists serious lack of judgement. But what was most interesting to me was this website that I later found out, after poking around, is Deschanel's new website. Only up and running since June 2011, it reminds of a sort of Huffington Post for women. Smart, witty, independent women. According to Hellogiggles' about:

Founded by actress/musician ZOOEY DESCHANEL, producer SOPHIA ROSSI and writer/Internet Sensation MOLLY MCALEER, hellogiggles.com is the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females. Everything hosted on the site will be lady-friendly, so visitors need not worry about finding the standard Boys Club content that makes many entertainment sites unappealing to so many of us.

This site has easily become one of my top sites to check for interesting news and commentary. I think is super cool and everyone should really check it out!


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