15 August 2011

The Kardashian Kollection for Sears

Everyone knows who the Kardashian's are. Their family reality television show on E! has catapulted the entire family into super star status, and all because of a little sex tape and rubbing elbows with celebrity friends on the red carpet. 

Since the success of their reality show, it seems that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe have become "fashion icons" with their popular clothing store Dash, their Bebe line, and constantly being in the public eye. Like other bona fide fashion designers, the Kardashian's gave their fashion expertise to the department store Sears, starting their own "Kardashian Kollection". They even promoted it last night on their reality show; Kim discussing how awesome it would be to bring their taste to the masses, and make it 'affordable'.

Well, heres what I think. I don't really understand where these celebrities get off thinking they can design clothes, period. Just because you're in the public eye, make a couple magazine covers, get on the "best dressed list", and have a successful clothing store, doesn't make you a fashion designer. Its almost like these Kardashian's can slap a K on anything, and call it whatever its supposed to be: perfume, watches, jewelry, weight loss supplement, you name it. 

What I don't like about celebrities designing a collection of clothing, or should I say, a Kollection of Klothing, is that it gives the legitimate fashion designers who create collections for Target, H&M, JCPenney a bad name. It downgrades their talent and credibility.

And honestly, when I look at the Kardashian Kollection for Sears, its not completely without style. Sure, maybe I would spend $99.00 on a black and white vertical striped off the shoulder dress if I were going to the circus, or a gray and black boob-i-licious dress if I were going out to the club. But mostly, I think these clothes aren't worth, not even close to being worth, the $99.00 or $42.00 for a t-shirt. 

I mean, MNG by MANGO for JCPenney isn't even this expensive. Is Sears trying to use the Kardashian Kollection to single-handedly bring them back into business? 

I think that the Kardashian's should just stick to being reality queens. That's obviously what they are good at. Not being compared to the royal family and Kourtney being the next Pippa Middleton. Its ridiculous!

However, I do think this pink blouse is cute. $99.00 though, really? Come on. I could get something similar to that for way cheaper at H&M or Asos.com. 


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