14 August 2011

Fall Preview: Part Two

From Left to Right: Floral dress, Forever 21, Burgundy skirt, Forever 21, Pleated dress, H&M

As promised, here is my Fall Preview Part two! While I was in Chicago I did a lot of shopping, but didn't spend that much. I'm one of those shoppers that is really holding out for things I love, and will mesh well with my closet. I'm also conscientious of what's just a passing fad or trend, and what is a classic silhouette.

So I didn't purchase that much in Chicago, but I did spend a lot of time looking. I came out with these great pieces that I can't wait to wear for fall. I got the Burgundy skirt from Forever 21 for $10! They had all the trendy colors for Spring/Fall there, turquoise, tomato red, camel tan, and black. I love the floaty quality of the Chiffon and the edge of the exposed gold zipper in the back. I think it will look great with some of my black tights and black kitten heels!

The best part about this skirt is that ITS STILL ON SALE FOR $10! How awesome is that?

The other great thing I got from Forever 21 is this Floral dress. I love the pattern because its not just a haphazard floral pattern, you know the kind of pattern you might find on a thrifted dress. And, there are plenty of floral dresses sitting on the racks of Salvation Army. The mutli-colored rose pattern gives it this "Secret Garden" feel that I can't get enough of! 

However, I think what really takes this dress to the next level is the button detailing, big smock pockets in the front (which are a little less noticeable in these photos), and the triangle cut-out back. It almost makes this dress titer on the edge of being a jumper, yet still an adorable dress.

This is the third and final purchase I made while in Chicago for my birthday. I love this Pleated dress from H&M so much because its simple, yet elegant. Its also a really thick cotton material that is definitely going to keep me warm in the fall and winter months. This dress is a really great buy because of its simple silhouette will never go out of style. 

I can't wait to fully style all these great buys and show them off! 


PS. I think I'm going to start taking Sundays "off". That means, no blog posts on Sunday. I want a day off too! It might not be every Sunday, but I'm sure there will be Sundays where I don't feel the need to just relax. So heads up!

My baby wanted to be part of the shots of these clothes, haha. Poor thing got a hair cut this week and now she's freezing! She's still cute though!

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