19 August 2011


Isn't it fitting that I just posted about collar necklaces and here I am posting outfit pics of a collared shirt with the same "Peter Pan" collar? That definitely wasn't planned. Hehe.

I got this gorgeous minty collared sweater from my favorite vintage shop in Michigan, The Getup. The Getup is located on State St. in Ann Arbor, right next to the new CVS. I love the Getup because they have gorgeous, good quality vintage clothing that is extremely affordable. I got this sweater for $12, and no it wasn't on sale. I love the Peter Pan collar detail of the sweater and the puffy knit pattern of the wool. It's so playful in a mildly childlike, whimsical way that really suits my style. And yet, it retains some afternoon elegance as well!

I paired it with my favorite J. Crew tan skirt. Its definitely a casual skirt, which brings the whole outfit to a spring/summer afternoon tennis match in the Hamptons. I paired it with my Dolce Vita for Target cork wedges to dress up the casualness of the outfit.

I really love the Peter Pan collar trend, just maybe not the necklaces. Haha. My Ray Ban Wayfarers really overdue this WASPY look. It is summertime tennis match in the Hamptons, maybe even Polo.


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

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