19 August 2011

Collar Necklaces

I'm not one for jewelry. However, this new trend of collar necklaces I heard about on fashionologie.com seems quite interesting. 

If you can afford it, Designers are selling collar necklaces to go with any outfit, and of course detachable. So throw out your actual collar, or the fabric detachable collar you tie in a bow. 

I'm on the fence about this trend. Some of them I think are quite cute, like the Dannijo Stella one above. But imagine the weight of having the chain links on your chest. Just seems like too much. Especially the Issac Mizarhi one below. Its definitely unique, but a necklace that resembles a collar, and a tie?

Although this Maria Francesca Pepe Gold Collar Necklace, is quite cute and simple too. 

I'd say this is just a passing fad. Stick with the good old fashion collared shirt and I think it will do just fine.

And you don't have to throw down all the money anyway. Or get just a cheap $3.00 knock off from Forever21. 


Images from fashionologie.com

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