22 August 2011

Rodarte for Open Cermony

A couple of years ago, Rodarte designed a beautiful collection for Target that I was unfortunately too broke to afford. Rodarte has teamed up with Open Ceremony to create "more affordable" Rodarte, which I still can't afford. 

But, the pieces are gorgeous and still inspiring. It seems as though everything 1970's is back in style for this fall and last spring. As much as I love it when fashion reexamines itself, the 70's are not the decade I'm particularly drawn to. I do love the resurgence of crocheted items, like Rodarte's above, and platform heels.

I wish wish wish I could afford some of these items, but instead I'll just have to be inspired by them. I just wish I looked cute with milkmaid braids. I've tried to wear them so many times, just doesn't look good on me.


Images from fashionologie.com

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