22 August 2011


More bike photos, you say? Yes, more bike photos! Adding my bike to vintage outfits really bumps up the vintage aspects of the looks. 

I'm wearing this lovely white and blue striped shirt dress I got from Forever 21 a few years back. This is the perfect little retro day dress and its super comfortable to wear. Its not overly retro though, if you're just wearing it around the house or to go grocery shopping. I turned up the "retro" by wearing NARS red lipstick and my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

It has gotten almost painfully chilly here in the Mitten state. Its like fall has crept up on us so quickly! Just next week is the beginning of September! I also have to move out of my college apartment. So sad! I'll really miss living there, and being a college student without real life responsibilities. 

But, this cold weather means it's time to wear tights. You know, like naturally need to wear tights, not just for the sake of a look. It's something that has really befuddled me about some of my street style blogs I read and the looks I see on Lookbook.nu. It's summertime, it's too hot to wear tights! 

Hopefully before the summer is officially over, I'll have found some type of work! Until then, my blog is my job.


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

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