08 August 2011


This weekend I went on a petite vacation to Houghton Lake in midland/northern Michigan. I was able to take some wonderful outfit shots (so stay tuned) but still have a relaxing time swimming and what not!

I took these pictures in the lake water in the early morning hours. I am such a morning person, I almost get made of it. The morning is so peaceful, quiet, and relaxing; which is why I love being up early. Whenever I sleep in I feel like I've wasted half the day!

I really loved how my water pictures turned out in Chicago, so I thought it would be fun to take pictures of this Forever 21 dress that I got ages ago (2007? 2008?). I think it has a retro/pin-up/nautical look, which has made it last through so many seasons. I always get so many compliments when I wear it. And it was obviously a good buy since I've gotten so many years out of it.

I love the empire waist and button detailing on this dress as well. The buttons, a flower shape, add an element of girlish whimsy that I love, as well as the empire waist. I suppose if I ever wanted to make this dress totally nautical, I could just update the buttons to a gold sailor button. It would give it almost a totally new look, and would cost nearly nothing to do so!

I know I've been gushing all weekend (on here and twitter) about my new sunglasses I've purchased! I love my Ray Ban wayfarers, but I was looking for a way to update my look. I got these great sunglasses from Claire's for $3.00! You know, that store you used to go to when you were a tween for ultra-trend, inexpensive, and possible lead laced jewelry and accessories.  I really liked a pair sunglasses I saw on Lookbook.nu, which were from the retailer. So I decided maybe I should check it out again.

It was not only a huge nostalgia trip, but also just really fun. Claire's has really great, cheap, trendy lenses. 

Anyway, I love them because they hint toward a cat-eye lens, and there for give it a semi-retro feel. And of course, they compliment my look in an interesting way.

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Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

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