09 August 2011


Houghton Lake had some really hokey little cottages and complexes. I really liked this particular one because of the old california motel atmosphere it had. 

I love love love the J. Crew tunic I'm wearing in this post. I think I've worn it more than any other item of clothing I have this summer! It's completely preppy, and becomes even more preppy when I wear my Ray Ban Wayfarers with it. This tunic is so versatile; I've worn it as a dress, as a top, as a house dress, and as a beach cover up! And of course, I got it so so cheap at the J. Crew Factory Store! 

 Men's shirt inspired tunics are so trendy right now, that getting a good deal on mine felt really good. Not to mention its not just a one of my boyfriend's button downs, or one I thrifted from Salvation Army that doesn't really fit well. This one actually fits since it was made for women, and it fits pretty well without the belt. I paired it with some gladiator sandals from Target to give it that "Chic-Lazy Sunday" feeling. I think it worked out well.

Taking these pictures isn't always so serious. I have so much fun with this. I don't take myself TOO seriously!



Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.


  1. I like the pictures where you smile! You should include more of those. I see enough blogs with the writers looking way too serious!


  2. Will do Kat! Thanks for the comment!! <3