13 September 2011


It's been quite a slow week for me in terms of outfits. I've been so focused on watching the fashion shows upload on nymag.com that I haven't even thought about taking pictures of what I've been wearing.

I'm wearing my favorite pair of summer shorts from J. Crew in this look. I love that they are almost high waisted, but not really, and the buttons down the side. They definitely feel nautical, but when not paired with nautical type items, they looses the nautical feeling and just becomes sophisticated. 

It's difficult to navigate the changes in seasons. Especially in Michigan where we are subject to indian summers, one day it can be 60 degrees and the next 80. One of the ways I like to combat that is by slipping my legs into some tights. It is definitely the cheapest and most effective way of stretching some of your summer items into the fall without getting a completely new wardrobe. So I took my J. Crew shorts, put some tights on under, and paired with some low boots, and viola! An easy, simple, and polished way of taking one item from summer right into fall. 



Images courtesy of Brian Garcia at Hate Your Answering Machine

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