02 September 2011

Summer Collage






It's officially Labor Day Weekend! To kick off the long weekend, the beginning of September, and the beginning of a new school year (even though I'm no longer in school), a.k.a the end of summer, I decided to create this collage of all my favorite pictures of my summer looks.

 Although it is not the "first day of fall" and we will most likely have an indian summer, I'm still very excited to wear my fall clothing. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because I love wearing tights and big comfy sweaters and sweatshirts. I also love going to the apple orchard, carving pumpkins, deciding on halloween costumes, fresh school supplies, Thanksgiving dinner, and of course, college football. Hopefully the Wolverines will be more successful this year and I'll be able to participate in some tailgating fun.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing for the weekend, maybe a picnic or two, a baseball game, taking in the Jazz Festival downtown, or hitting up Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak. One things for sure, I will miss this summer. It was fantastic! I'm so glad I relaunched my blog and have been able to share my fashion insights with all of you! Enjoy the fabulous weekend!

Until then,



  1. So glad you recapped your summer looks. I just got here so I am happy to be able to see them. Looking forward to your next post!

    Naz Isik

  2. Thanks Naz! I'm glad you like my blog! :D I decided to do a recap because it makes it easier for me and my readers to see what I've been wearing.