06 September 2011


It HAS been a while since you've seen my amateur modeling skills and some of my outfits. Well, I'm back with a vengeance! I took a week off because I just felt like it. I really enjoyed writing about different fashion stories, instead of doing both. There may be some time between outfit posts again just because this is a huge two weeks coming up in the fashion world! 

Of course I'm talking about the beginning of Fashion Week and Fashion's Night Out. I can't wait to see what my favorite and not so favorite designers are serving for Spring 2012. I'll be sure to blog about it all on here! Hopefully some day soon, in the near future, I'll be blogging straight from fashion week, and not from my computer. 

I had a fabulous and relaxing Labor Day Weekend! I spent the whole weekend with my lover, going to the beach for a picnic, making dinner together, relaxing around the house, shopping at the Salvation Army for the 50% off deals, running into old friends, and enjoying an awesome set at the Detroit Jazz Festival featuring Common! I was overjoyed too by the drastic change in weather we experienced over the weekend. It's definitely Autumn in Michigan. The high yesterday was 62 degrees! And as you can tell by the pictures above, extremely windy!

I gotta say, the entire time I was "vibing out" at the jazz fest, I was worried my skirt would blow up. My skirt was just going everywhere. This burgundy/wine skirt I got from Forever 21 is just adorable, I love it so much. It's so playful, it's in one of the trendy colors, and the chiffon makes it feel so elegant. Oh, and it was only $10. 

I paired it with this gray striped shirt I got from Urban Outfitters on sale for $5 and a thrifted blazer from Salvation army for $2.50! I love the way the wine skirt just pops with the gray blazer. I love playing with deep, bright colors but I don't really go to crazy with them. So adding just a pop of color works good for me, and anyone who notices a lack of color in their fall and winter clothing.

Check out the pictures below from the Jazz Festival. Enjoy! 


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia, of www.hateyouram.com

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