10 October 2011


So, Paris Fashion Week has been over for few days now, but I obviously still want to blog about my favorite designers and their looks. So this week I'm going to be blogging about my favorite fashion shows, my favorite looks, and other inspiring things! I did have the intention of taking outfit photos for this week, but I was so happy about having the weekend off for once in about a month, that I just wanted to relax with my lover. And since my lover and I can only see each other on the weekends (we live no where near each other), and he takes my photos, I'm stuck till this weekend!

Without further adieu: 


Flawlessly chic. Would you expect any less than that from Chanel? I love the mixture of ultra feminine dresses with menswear accents. And nothing is over done. 

Sometimes I feel like the Chanel brand gets thrown around by the masses without really understanding what it means. It means simplicity, it means finding the femininity in clothing without showing off the female body in its entirety. It's about accentuating the sophistication and power a woman can hold.

Not just throwing around the logo at your disposal to show your socio-economic status to the world.

 I love how the ultra feminine dresses are off set with a blazer, or an overstated collar with bow tie. I love the pom pom accents, the fluffy skirts, the ribboned edges.

It's so interesting to see how the trends can permeate a fashion house like Chanel. You can see with the shift dresses and the simple geometric stripes a nod to the resurgence of Mod, but it's not over bearing. Everything still looks like Chanel.

Except for this below. All the puff sleeves and skirts just remind me of those horrible Late 80's dresses I had to wear as a little girl. Even as a little girl I knew I looked like a Victorian doll, in nasty shiny emerald Taffeta. I can respect how this is definitely different from that, but I almost want to just rip those two puffed out hip sides. I think the dress would look much better without them.


Rachel Beth

Images from style.com.

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