06 October 2011


The leaves are just on the cusp of changing here in Michigan. It's my favorite part of fall, when they just start to change. I love the smell of the dead leaves, the colors, the cooler temperatures. It makes it comfortable and effortless to wear skirts, shorts, dresses with a pair of tights. 

So I know yesterday I was talking about how I'm trying to incorporate a lighter color palate into my wardrobe for autumn. And I am. But it doesn't feel like Autumn without dark browns, oranges, and deep purples. Not to get too side tracked, but I was thinking about the tendency to wear darker colors in fall and winter, I wondered if it had anything to do with mourning. Mourning the loss of the foliage. Anyway.

I'm wearing a J. Crew shirt that I think is a bit western inspired (see checked print and frilly sleeve detailing). I'm wearing it with a brown wool skirt I thrifted from the Salvation Army for $3. I love the button detailing on the side and how it leans toward a school uniform. I don't normally by brown shoes. I almost always seem to be drawn to black heels. These sandals I'm wearing are actually summer sandals I bought. I love that the brown is slightly lighter in color, which makes the shoes pop on my feet instead of  blending in with the brown tight.

All the brown and purple make this an Autumn inspired look for sure. 


Rachel Beth

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.


  1. I really like the second photo in this sequence. Showing a lot of attitude and style! The heels on these sandals are different and stand out in crowd. As a side note, I noticed the venue is the old Highland Middle School that has recently closed. Glad to see it's being used for something sooo cool. Happy Autumn!