10 November 2011


Oh, Alexa Chung. I found it really funny that while reading The Cut, a fashion blog on New York Magazine's website, I came across a really funny statement you made at an event at Saks last week. 

I really like how this is presented by The Cut. It's almost completely drained of criticism and opinion. It allows the reader to impose their own thoughts on to it. Although I like this, and I sincerely suggest you go back and read the witty comments on this (and if you don't already, read the comments section on any post because they can make for more entertaining reading that the actual article most of the time). I want to believe that the Cut did this on purpose. Ask an "It" girl, who herself represents a trend, and ask her what she thinks of trends. Mockery at it's finest.

If you strip the fact that Alexa Chung is herself a trend (hence the Madewell collaboration), and you read what she says, yes I mean I do tend to agree. Shopping basically on an all trends basis is bad for your self expression and fashion health. Unless, of course, all the trends happen to apply to what you already find fashionable and stylish. 

And really, how often does that actually happen? Shouldn't I be wearing those awful Jeffrey Campbell Litas right now? 

What's even more ironic (and I mean, I hope you've already sense the irony of this already), Alexa, a trend herself, can't come up with a current trend. But look, she's wearing one. Yes Alexa, the Peter Pan collar is absolutely a trend. Just like you.

Oh, and I love how this is tagged under the Cut's "Trends" section.

Rachel Beth

Images from nymag.com and daily alexa chung (!)


Even more on this subject! Apparently Alexa was seen wearing a very trendy dress when asked! Seriously, this couldn't get any more embarrassing for her and funnier for us. Honestly, I think Alexa wears hypocrisy the best!

Image from cocoperez.com

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