15 November 2011



Some style blog/fashion website/whatever validates my absolute loathing of Jeffrey Campbell's famed "Litas". I honestly lose style respect for a blogger I follow if I see them sporting some Lita's. I think the ONLY blogger that I think can actually legitimately work those Lita's out is Rachel Lynch of Velvet Cigarette, just because they happen to go with her badass attitude.

But otherwise, really? Who really wants their feet to look like a roller skate/stripper heel gone totally wrong? Especially when they are plastered with some cosmic print or otherwise patriotic facade. I respect Jeffrey Campbell as a shoe designer sure, but the Lita sort of glamorizes a profession that I don't typically associate with fashion or style. It's kinda the same feeling I had about The Blonds' Spring 2012 collection. 

The Lita almost reminds me of the laziness of the Ugg boot. The laziness wrapped in the Lita just isn't as noticeable. "I was lazy, so I put on some Uggs". That's what we normally think of. Here's the Lita: "I thought I was fashionable, but actually I'm lazy, so I laced up my Lita's".

So unless I'm dressing for the roller rink or the gentlemen's club of the 1970's I suppose I'll hang up my fictional pair of Lita's forever. I suggest you do too. 


Rachel Beth

Image from refinery29.com

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