01 November 2011


The darkness of Halloween has plagued me! Haha, no not really. I've just been crazy in love with a dark plum lip, I finally "splurged" and bought some. I actually just bought a really cheap lipstick for a $1.00 because 1. I couldn't try them on before hand, 2. I didn't want to spend too much on a lipstick color I couldn't try before purchasing, and 3. The more "expensive" lipsticks didn't really have the dark color I was looking for. They were all more purple-y.

I'm not much of a gothic girl, but I do like this dark lipstick trend. Plum actually is a really nice color for me, matching well with my dark hair and olive-pale complexion, so that has its benefits. I'm also wearing my favorite trend this season, polka dots! I'd be wearing more dots but I've been hard pressed to find polka dotted garments that I actually like. I got this lovely dress from Forever 21 for a cool $19.00, which is relatively cheap for most, but also relatively expensive for me! It has exactly what I wanted in the top of it, a blouse-ness with a tie collar. I'm definitely going to make this dress play double duty as a dress and a blouse.

All this black in this outfit as well as the dark lips definitely gives it a gothic look. But I like the silhouettes of the dress, the beret and my hair that I think it's just all around prep. Maybe dark prep. But not completely gothic or even that gothic at all. 

I'm also wearing it with Target wool tights, Target heels, and a Target beret. 

Happy November!


Rachel Beth

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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