03 November 2011


I've been obsessed with flower crowns since they started popping up all over lookbook and fashion blogs alike. I love the simply romantic element they can add to any outfit, any setting. 

I took photos in this same field last week, and the difference between both shoots is enormous. I'd definitely say some of that has to do with the crown. I made my crown with hot glue, fake roses I picked up from a supermarket super store that I'd been eyeing. They had this romantic autumnal color that I really liked. They were a bit expensive, $6, so I waited for them to go on sale and luckily purchased the last set!

I hot glued the roses to some ribbon and just kept placing it on my head to see how close the roses needed to be together.

I'm also wearing ribbon around an H&M dress I purchased last fall that every single fashion blogger owns. It's so versatile, I love it. It's a thick knit and has this romantic silhouette that was perfect for my new Olsenboye "Cupcake" shoes. (I'll have to do more up close photos of those.) I tied some ribbon around the waist of the dress to create a line between the skirt and the top. I also wore my black scarf as a shawl to create a mystical element that I think really fits well with the entire setting.

*        *         *        *        *

That being said, I created something special for your viewing pleasure that I will be posting later this afternoon (just putting some final touches on it!)

Come back and check it out!


Rachel Beth

Images taken by Brian Garcia at Hate Your Answering Machine.


  1. awesome pics!
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    Decimal Shoes

    1. THANK YOU, Decimal shoes! I did in fact follow you after you commented this. Is the deal still on?


      Rachel B.