31 December 2011


It's finally the New Year! I've been enjoy my time off resting and relaxing with family members and loved ones. I've also been hitting up the shops around town. I got this great dress from Madewell that I can't wait to show off in the New Year! 

I'm wearing my outfit for going out tonight; a lace top from Urban Outfitters, harem pants from the same place, and shoes from Ann Taylor. I couldn't resist the ridiculous deal I got on these shoes, or the massive chunky heel and buckle details. 

I know I said I wasn't into glittery things, "don't want to look like a disco ball or an ornament", but there is always room for hypocrisy in life. And even if this outfit might be a little bit hypocritical, I still don't think the gold in the lace is overwhelmingly "holiday" or "NYE". 

Let's look forward to a NEW YEAR together. I hope you have a wonderful last night in 2011.

Good things are sure to come! 


Rachel B.

Images taken by Brian Garica of Hate Your Answering Machine.


  1. Great classic look. Love the blazer and pant combo.

    Happy New Year


    Dark Blue Stripes

    1. Christie, thank you so much for the felicitations and the comment! It's interesting that you think this look is classic! I'm not sure when high waisted harem pants were classic, maybe 1980? Or something? Fashion History eludes me. But I can guarantee that while I was getting down on the EVE of this blessed NEW YEAR, I was joking about them being some dope MC HAMMER pants! Either way, I agree with you, it is classic.

      Thanks for reading dear! Please don't be too mad at me for not commenting back sooner! IF and WHEN you read this, I hope you enjoy my small anecdote about NYE and that you are accomplishing all of your NY RESOLUTIONS.


      Rachel Beth