03 January 2012


Maybe it's a little bit passe to make up a list of New Year's Resolutions. Oh well. I still like the tradition. I also like the tradition of going through my old resolutions and seeing if any of them panned out. I would like to say that some of them did, although most of the time a few fall by the wayside.

Like, one of my 2011 resolutions was to write in a journal every single day, filling at least one page. And I did it for about a month. (See Journal above). It's a shame I didn't write in it every single day, because the things I wrote we're quite amusing to say the least.

So I guess I'd like to have more fun with my blog; write more and take more pictures that are less in your face and more interesting, abstract. Maybe change the look of the overall things, although I like the crispness of the stripes, the neutral of the gray, the cool, calming feeling of the lines. 

2012 is going to be a big year for me. I'm setting out to follow my heart and leave the rest behind. I'm excited for finally take huge, giant, leaps of faith into the future and hoping the reward is as big as the risk I'm taking. And I know I've been holding out on all of you to really indulge in the excitement of letting the whole world know my big big plans but they will come soon enough. Patience is something not most of us Americans have, but cultivate. And something that I'm working on.

So with that, goodbye 2011. It was great. But it's time to move on to bigger, better things.

Now that my break is over, expect posts every business (and maybe not so business) day.


R Beth.

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