12 December 2011


CBS's Sunday Morning covered the launch of Vogue Magazine's new online archive. I loved this little spot on the magazine, showcasing the amazing covers since the very first issue. The archive looks like it would be wonderful to have access to, although I think the $1500 charge to use it is a bit much.

What was most interesting about the interview with Anna Wintour was her comment about "not following market research" and just using her instinct instead. I suppose that held true to Wintour's attitude as the new   Editor in Chief of Vogue in 1988, but today? Has she ever not had a celebrity on the cover of Vogue since she pioneered the idea? Is that not listening to market research? Funny.

PS. The Art Deco covers are just gorgeous.

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Outfits coming tomorrow!

Rachel Beth

Video from cbsnews.com

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