22 December 2011


Today is the shortest day of the year, and the celebration of the Winter Solstice. It's probably going to feel like one of the longest days of the year for most of us, rushing around to prepare for celebrating the holidays. Oh, the holidays.

And a long day for me for staying up till 5 AM. Sometimes I just can't sleep, no matter how hard I try. I have a difficult time turning off my brain, my worries. I can be my most creative during these spells of anxiety and insomnia. Although last night proved to be less that fruitful. Although, again, I did enjoy poking around on ROOKIE, makes me want to be a teenager again, and not care what people think about me.

Here I am with my flower crown again. I contemplated (am still contemplating) making a holiday crown, but for now I'll stick with my pale roses. I don't what it is, the innocence, the romance, the purity, the femininity surrounding the "flower crown" that I really like. Which completely contradicts where I'd like to go, but maybe we can just wear flower crowns with suits on. Sounds interesting to me.

This dress is typically my holiday number. I'm not one for the glitter-bombed dresses that show up in every trendy retailer for the holidays. I'm not really one for glittery things to begin with. I don't want to look like an ornament, a disco ball, a club-goer. I got the dress from H&M last winter and fell in love with the deep navy, the large flowing sleeves, just the over all flow-y, flowing, floaty, nymph-like silhouette. If I'm feeling especially uptight, I throw a belt over the whole thing which makes for exaggeration at the shoulders and hem. Talk about waist enhancer.

But I'm looking for a new holiday number. Something fresh. 

Hopefully you will take time to rest today, hibernate a little, and celebrate the Winter Solstice. The beginning of the rebirth of life on earth. 


Rachel B.

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.


  1. you look lovely :) especially love the flower crown :D adorable.
    love your blog, too :) following, now!



    1. Emily! Thanks, truly, for your comment! I'm so glad you are enjoying my fashion musings & outfits! I love my flower crown even though the idea of it seems old, over exposed, trendy, trite, you name it! Maybe I should make tutorial on flower crown making? Although, I'm sure some cooler webzines have made one already, like rookiemag.com.

      Anyway! Sorry for not responding sooner! I really enjoy comments from readers, and I hope when you find this response it makes you crack a smile! :)


      Me, Rachel B.