25 January 2012


Forget pastels, let's talk BON VOYAGE. Prep school nerd, meets summer holiday as first mate. That's what I'm looking forward to this season. Wasn't ethereal fairies and bubblegum mod princesses so last year? 

My thrifted navy blazer complete with "gold" buttons give a bit of nautical, and a bit of preppy queen. My tan blouse is actually a dress I got from Target, that I ruined, and instead cut and sewed into a shirt. It's sort of safari-like, but goes great under a blazer and tucked nicely into my high waisted jeans. I'm quite a short little lady, so these jeans actually elongate my leg so much that they make me look taller than I truly am. And at the same time, accentuate my waist. Double duty! 

To top it all off, bright red lips just completes this outfit. Sans makeup? Lipstick is better than those trite, overdone 'cat eyes' anways.


Rachel Beth

Images by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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