16 January 2012


I'm honestly wondering if these award shows are even still relevant (wait, why do I need to wonder, RICKY GERVAIS confirmed they totally aren't), but since I know people are going to be discussing the "fashion" on the red carpet (and it's one of the only times we see anyone in public dressed in "gowns"), here are my favorites:

I honestly think most would say these two were possibly the worst dressed, but I think they were the best dressed just for the simple fact that they both were not wearing some nude, bedazzled, ruffled gowns. Emma Stone looks flawless, and I think the eagle belt, albeit interesting and maybe a little misplaced for The Goldy Globeys, I think she took a risk and it definitely paid off. The color the LAVIN dress perfectly compliments her skin, hair color, body, everything. Which is saying a lot since there seemed to be many a celeb who thought they could pull off some nude or light pastel color. And if that belt didn't bring in her waist, she'd look like she were wearing a tattered wine stained sheet. 

I also just absolutely love Michelle Williams' dress. Her body looks stunning, as well as her entire figure. I know most will be saying this dress was not suited for someone who is being nominated, but I say it is. I think the JASON WU dress is different, yet the jewel tone blue cheetah print is fun and elegant. 



Images from justjared.com

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