19 January 2012


I'm not much of a beauty trend follower, or reporter, but I have to say I'm loving this new article on The New York Times. Only because it describes my makeup regiment to a T, or to say, my former makeup regiment. Recently I've been trying the 'au naturelle' look, only applying Pond's Face Lotion. All this "sans le maquillage" has made life feel more liberating, not having to apply even under eye concealer or mascara and worry about smudging if my eyes itch. 

The best part about not wearing as much makeup is the process of accepting, loving, and being proud of my "imperfections". You know, the things that make me uniquely me, yet society continually tells me are wrong or should be reduced to be considered attractive and worthy. It's been very difficult to convince myself that my genetically dark circles (that with no amount of tea bag applying, cucumber resting, or concealer covering will get rid of), short, almost non existent eyelashes, and two or three toned skin complexion is beautiful. 

ME RIGHT NOW: sans makeup, sans Pond's, sans glasses, sans hairbrush, sans English.

This whole "no makeup" resolution has also pique my interest in different make up tools that I never used to use. I've literally ditched the mascara, concealer and blush for lipstick. The only makeup that has hit my face in over 2 weeks has been a different shade of lip color. I love how much lip color can change the way an outfit looks, completely enhancing it or toning it down.

SO maybe I haven't given up on makeup yet, but I'll tell you when I get there. Probably when I post pictures on here with no makeup will be the day. You know, professional ones. I just want to be happy with who I am. I want to inspire my readers that wearing loads of makeup, including the atrocious "Cat eye" trend is actually less flattering. I'm just glad to hear that fashion is finally, possibly, listening to the average person's desires. 

To get the whole dish on this new trend, read the article here.


Rachel B.

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