09 January 2012


Everyone's a chatter about Vogue Italia's editorial and January cover paying homage to the home shopping networks in the States. 

I really don't think what Vogue Italia is paying homage to the home shopping networks, just using them as a way to showcase the collections from SPRING 2012. What a perfect way to let the clothes, shoes, accessories, speak for themselves while making a mockery of the accessibility and laziness home shopping networks bring to shopping and fashion. I mean we're talking HIGH FASHION here on a "HOME SHOPPING NETWORK". The same home shopping network that D-List and B-List celebrities promote their "collections", and grandma buys her Quacker Factory holiday sweaters.

It's hilarious this editorial, which I think what it's meant to be. The descriptions of the clothes are quite witty, the photos are ridiculous (HIGH FASHION models making pouty faces while the hosts giggly and chat about jewelry), and the idea that HIGH FASHION collections would be featured on a home shopping network is the funniest part of all.

Vogue Italia even went far enough to make a video of the shoot. A mockery of QVC and HIGH FASHION. Does this channel come on basic cable?


Rachel B.

Images from fashiongonerogue.com, video from nymag.com

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