06 January 2012


More and more of the Pre Fall Collections are emerging, so I had to blog about one of my favorite designers, Erin Fetherston. And even though my personal style is teetering on the cusp of a change, I'm still enjoying the whimsy of the fashion industry. Which, I believe Erin Fetherston encompasses entirely. I'm infatuated with the simplicity of her silhouettes in this collection; I'm a simple girl so naturally I'm attracted to anything that is just beautifully crafted and calming, not over done or over designed. 

I'm also glad she's incorporated menswear into her collection while still making it uber feminine. Like the dress that hints at being a blazer with a plunging trimmed neckline. It's almost as if the neckline serves for jewelry itself. And since you know I'm such a fan of jewelry. . . 

The lace print dresses are very mod and feminine but not overly delicate because the lace isn't some pattern you might see on a doily at any grandmother's nightstand or side table in her living room. It's just flat out fun.

Most of her collection is black, and honestly, the colored dresses really don't do much for me. Take this last one I posted. I think this dress would be flawless in black, but this rose color just makes it look drab and uninspiring. Not to mention that the silhouette is a little trendy, even if it does happen to fit within her design aesthetic. The rose color almost engulfs the gorgeous collar detailing that I think otherwise would completely pop and make the dress less trendy if it were in a darker color. And decidedly more menswear - which is trendy but totally within my evolving style boundaries.

See more of Erin Fetherston's Pre Fall Collection here, and decide for yourself! (Don't you just love those bow shoes though? Remind me of my own!)


Rachel B.

Images from nymag.com

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