30 January 2012


AS YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW, I sort of shop at JCPenney a lot. Understandably, JCPenney has a long standing public reputation that I probably don't need to go into. I just really happen to like their "designer collaborations" they have; Olsenboye, I Heart Ronson, Call it Spring. 

But it seems like with a change in pricing, and a change in CEO comes a whole new JCP. I just received the catalog in the mail, and boy was I surprised! It looks like a cross between a J CREW / GAP / TARGET catalog all wrapped into one. The rainbow displays are yummy, and definitely cater to a younger, hipper, consumer.

All of their older brands have kind of been either pushed to the side, or re-imagined as well. St. John's Bay has been re-imagined as a preppy guys dream brand; All of their trendier brands that never really go the marketing they deserved (like Olsenboye or MNG by MANGO) is getting the center stage.

I'm so excited for JCP. I really thought this price change was going to weaken the JCP brand. But I can't wait for this new JCP!



  1. You like "there" designer collaborations? Please learn how to spell!!!

    1. Thanks for the input! I don't edit my blog because I want it to appear authentic, and most people are not completely 100% great writers from the get. Not to mention, it would be "learn to use proper grammar", don't you think? :)

      Thanks for reading!