08 February 2012


I AM OBSESSED with MICHELLE WILLIAMS. Everything she does, everything she represents. I think she is (might be) MY MUSE. My chief person of inspiration. I have a mini "shrine" to her in my room...

I guess ever since I read that article about her in OCTOBER VOGUE, I have had this weird fascination for her. She has inspired me so much, she's made me reconsider my long locks, focusing myself on channeling my natural inner beauty and androgyny. I know that sounds contradictory because Michelle wears uber feminine clothing. Oh gosh, can I call her Michelle? ANYWAY, I think she does a really nice job of just being flat out gorgeous, feminine, sexy, and all the while wearing girly girly clothing and not being infantilized. Not to mention she is a down right fabulous actress.

SO BAND OF OUTSIDERS is definitely a line that I'll be looking further into. These adorable polaroids of Michelle Williams dressed in BOY. looking like a little boy dressed up in his mother's outfits prancing around a CEMETERY just showcase how much fun and light these clothes are. Some of the outfits are so structured and Edwardian in nature, but her bright, overly posed face breaks down all those feelings of restraint in the clothes. 

AND she is quite possibly the only person that looks good eating something.

Enjoy the all the photos as much as I have!


Rachel B.


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