07 February 2012



ONE OF THE REASONS, maybe the only reason I respect ANNA WINTOUR is because of her inability to live by the rules. I know that statement sounds totally ridiculous. She makes the rules right? So of course she follows them. But I love that she is a real person. Even though she has a revolving closet full of designer items, she still shows up to events wearing an outfit she's already worn out before. And several times over. So I guess if it's good for ANNA WINTOUR and "THE ROYALS", it's good enough for me.

 There are so many times when I will re imagine the clothes in my closet, create a new outfit out of old stuff, and fall madly in love with it. I'll be so blinded by love that I'll have a creative block until I force myself to move on from an outfit. But sometimes I just can't stop the infatuation I have for the way some particular clothes make me feel. I guess even the most fashionable can have the same affinity to particular outfits.

So I made a .gif about it. These are some of the "out takes" from my outfit last week "VELVETEEN" that I couldn't let go of.



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