27 February 2012



SINCE  SPRING IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, I've been sifting through my old posts on SPRING 2012 FASHION WEEK to get some inspiration for updating my wardrobe. It seems like this whole "pastel trend" really isn't going away. And not that I don't like pastels, I do, I just don't. . . well I don't know. I guess I've never truly given them a try. I was joking that maybe if I truly gave pastels a try it might be something like the above.

I mean, everything I really loved from fashion week was decked out in some form of pastel (or white):

SO I'M TORN! I don't want to give up the dark colors yet. I guess I just have to go back to the drawing board. Decide what I really want to bring into my spring wardrobe: pastels or reds. I could definitely do whites, reds, tans, navies. So probably something like this:

WE SHALL SEE. IN OTHER NEWS, a couple new outfit photos tomorrow from a new partnership! So excited to show you how I styled the same item twice. And definitely a comfortable addition to a blossoming spring wardrobe. Sorry for the pun. 

Rachel B.

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