24 February 2012


I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE IMPORTANT TO NOTE that in my last post I wanted to go into all the depths of nostalgia and how it's important to move on. It's important to recognize that fetishizing something for what it truly wasn't is just holding us back. Actually, it's taking us back, creating a resurgence of ideas that seek to oppress those that have overcome.

I really wanted to explain that recognizing our society is constantly looking back is appearing everywhere right now. Especially in the Oscar Nominated movie Midnight in Paris. And what do you know, just so happens that on a favorite website of mine, is discussing just that.

As much as I agree with basically all that this article is discussing, I think that looking back really just holds us back. It's digressive, not progressive. And especially is the case for the emergence of ideas like this, this, and this

And that's just it. Everyone is always dissatisfied with their life, no matter what era. What's important is to seek contentment now. Or we'll all just wasting away our lives being wistful.

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