15 February 2012


HAPPY (BELATED) VALENTINE'S. I MEAN, VALENTWEE'S! Will you BE MINE, even though I'm a day late? I know it will be difficult to say no, since I'm so ADORKABLY TWEETASTICALLY TIED UP in my striped Urban Outfitters top, J. CREW wool mini skirt, and Proopticals.com "Ashley" glasses.

PLEASE DON'T OVERDOSE ON my TWEE-TNESS, or all the 50% VALETINE'S candy I know you're consuming.

*        *        *        *        *

Blogging about Fashion Week is stressful! Expect more posts of collections I love 'round the clock. If I don't blog about it, I didn't like it.


Rachel Beth <3

Images by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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