13 March 2012


IT SEEMS FOOLISH TO BE JUST NOW POSTING PICTURES of this fabulous fur coat I thrifted in OCTOBER, while I glance out my window at gorgeous, 66 degree, sunny weather. I know we just "SPRANG FORWARD" this weekend, but is it really time to break out our spring wardrobes? I'm not ready yet! I love fall/winter colors! I don't want to break out pastels. I feel like "we've" been living in a cotton candy, Care Bear, ethereal wonderland for the past 3 years. I want to break out and come back down to earth! 

So yeah, I know this is probably an outfit that's basically out of place. But have you ever purchased something so gorgeous, so fabulous, it becomes an almost "untouchable" garment? This coat has sat in my closet for my admiration only since I bought it. I was dying to wear it out anywhere I could, but it's beauty made me handle it with such gentility that it has never seen the light of day. I know I should have been strutting my stuff in this military style fur coat all winter, but it just couldn't wear it out like I would a regular coat. It's just too good for that.

So I finally decided to share this dream of a jacket with all of you. It almost seems too beautiful for a prep bookworm like me, but I guess it fits in with my wardrobe rather nicely.

And don't worry, I didn't get my hair cut.



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