14 March 2012


IT'S HERE! The gorgeous, make-you-salivate, SPRING MADEWELL Catalog! Maybe this is where I should draw my spring inspiration? I took pictures of my favorite pictures/outfits/clothing to show you guys. I guess I'll be incorporating more white into my spring wardrobe? Or maybe more JEAN, since this is "VARNISHED JEANS". HA! Ugh, Spring is right around the corner, literally. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Anyway, doesn't this model look like everyone's favorite pastel fashion blogger, Elle Ribera of OPIUM POPPIES? But with dish water blonde hair. . .  This model just reminds me so much of her! (EITHER WAY, I love Elle's blog, it's very inspiring, adorable, and just fun to look at!)

Please, please, please enjoy these catalog pics!


Rachel B.

BTW, thats a denim t-shirt. A DENIM T-SHIRT. SWOON.

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