23 August 2011


Beautiful weather here in Michigan makes for nice photos and flourishing fields. As you may or may not know, I'm a recent college graduate from the University of Michigan. Last May my beloved also graduated from college and while he was finishing up his finals, I was helping him and his roommate clean up their apartment, since they had to move out right after graduation. 

They were the cleanest men I've ever seen, and thats not saying too much. So I decided to whiten up their counter tops with some soft scrub, with bleach. You know, brighten up their chances of getting back their security deposit. 

While cleaning the counters, I realized an orange spot on this dress. I love this dress, the breast pockets, the wide collar, the mock mens shirt feeling. I was in a bad predicament; the bleach had already set in, and the dress was ruined, slated to become a rag. So instead of fretting, I slathered my hands with bleach and created more spots everywhere giving the dress a sort of orangey gray print. No one noticed that it was just a bleach mistake, and truth be told, I've gotten enormous compliments on this dress.


PS. I got these lace up "Oliver Twist" boots from the Salvation Army for $1! They were pretty beat up but I just leather polished them, good as new! 

Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.


  1. Lovely outfit ;)


  2. I love the dress and the shoes together :)


  3. Love the dress, looks great with bleach spots :)


  4. I Love our sunglasses x