23 August 2011

Free People Fall Lookbook

Last night I was searching through all the new items on freepeople.com. I'm absolutely lusting / gushing over these dresses! This lace dress is exactly something I would wear. I can't decide whether the burgundy or the black is better. They're both great!  

This Vintage Lace dress is exactly the 70's inspired dress I would wear. It has the whimsical throw back sleeves but doesn't completely scream "1970's". The dotted lace is sexy yet still leaves enough to the imagination. The best part is the lace pleating on the chest. I mean, how gorgeous is that?

Finally, some Jeffrey Campbell shoes I can get behind. I'm not a big fan of the Litas everyone seems to be sporting on Lookbook.nu, but I love these marching band - Sgt. Pepper's - Victorian boots! I'm a sucker for any button detailing, and these definitely deviant from the norm!

Finally, a gorgeous camel cape! I love the cape trend, its elegant and nothing like that nasty poncho trend  from the early 2000's. I have to get my hands on one of these. If only I could afford it!

Maybe when they go on sale? Who knows. If I find some cheaper versions, I'll definitely be posting about them.

Until then,


Images via freepeople.com

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