06 August 2011

Chicago Travel Diary

So although it would have been better to have done this WHILE I was in Chicago. . . it was quite impossible! I left my computer home for weight reasons, and my phone just doesn't cut it in terms of accessing the internet. I don't really regret it, I had a very relaxing birthday! But for everyone interested, you weren't able to see pictures of my time in Chicago.

The outfit posts count also though, right?


I did some really fun, typical Chicago things while I was there. As you already know, I spent a lot of time at the Kathy Osterman beach. While I was there I took a lovely stroll on the Lakeview path. 

On our way back to our hotel on Saturday, we noticed this fantastic mosaic mural under a Lake Shore Drive bridge in Edgewater, right on our way out from the beach and Lincoln Park.

That evening we took the last architectural tour on the river given by Wendella Boats. Wendella Boats I think is by far the best! Not too long (only 75 minutes), and they don't bore you with unnecessary history about the city. We took the tour right at sunset.

Trump tower

The Sears/Willis Tower 

Unfortunately, half way through the tour our camera battery died! It was such a bummer. But we still got some nice shots of the city.

After the tour I watched the fireworks from the beach/lake view path next to Navy Pier. It was so much more relaxing than actually being on Navy Pier. We also took in the ferris wheel & the waveswinger (those carnival swings). The waveswinger was so much better than the ferris wheel, definitely recommend it.

I also did a lot of shopping in Wicker Park, Lakeview, and of course downtown on Michigan Avenue! Although I didn't find very much in Wicker Park or Lakeview, the stores alone should bring you there just to look! They are so many and so many interesting things to look at! I definitely enjoyed just taking in all the shops.

They were quite expensive though!

Besides the beach, and the architecture tour, my favourite thing we did while we were there was visit the South Garden next to the Art Institute on Michigan Avenue. Last summer when I visited Chicago, I spent almost a whole day in there just thinking about deep subjects. Its a beautiful garden with a fountain pool and a fountain sculpture of the 5 Ladies of the Lakes, each on representing one of Michigan's Great Lakes. All the trees grow into each other, which make a great shaded spot within the city. If you're ever in Chicago, you should definitely visit it, and bring your lunch! Most people use it for a lunching area.

Actually, my last Chicago outfit's location is here. Stay tuned for that later today!

One last thing to see in Chicago that I think may be underrated. I took in some photographic art at Columbia College's Museum of Contemporary Photography. They had this great exhibit going on called "Our Origins". It's different artists interpretation of the origins of human kind, in a serious and satirical manner. The best part about it is that it's free! You should totally check it out if you're ever in town. 

Hope you enjoyed my Chicago Travel Diary!!


All photos taken by Brian Garcia.


  1. Love your blog! Chicago is a great town. Last time we rented a Chicago Charter Bus Rental with our group.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Your comment was hard to find since you posted it on a blog post I made so very long ago! Anyway, glad you like my blog! :D