05 August 2011


There's this lovely little pier with a lighthouse at the Kathy Osterman beach. 

Last summer I visited someone very special to me in Chicago. We had a lovely time taking in the Chicago sunset from this pier. 

So naturally, I had to hit up this spot again! It's almost become a Chicago landmark to me. And, of course, there aren't that many people who walk along it because this beach is just so quiet, friendly, and unpopulated. 

The wind was out of control that day, but I'm not complaining. It was so hot that the breeze was much needed. It just made it extremely difficult to take pictures of my outfit. 

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted, except for the shoes; which I got on sale from Target. I got this great J. Crew skirt from the Salvation Army, and modified it into a dress. I had to sew it a bit tighter around the top so that it would stay up, but it was really just a bit of hand sewing. Anyone could do it! But the detailing on the bottom of the skirt is what I truly love. The french village on it gives it a vacationing feel. I guess that's a fairly apt description, since I was vacationing when I wore it!

The best things about this outfit are the 50 cent belt and scarf I'm wearing! Both 50 cents from the Salvation Army! I've gotten so many compliments on the belt, and it's practically brand new! Really digging and hunting through the racks at the Salvation Army can really be worth the finds.

Enjoy! My Chicago outfits are almost done! Travel Diary coming soon!


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

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