18 August 2011


I am totally enamored with Belle Isle. On one side of the island they have this beautiful fountain among other great things like the old aquarium and greenhouses. 

So heres the thing with me and rompers. I bought this black romper on sale at Target for $5. I thought it was a good purchase since I wasn't sure how I would really look or feel in a "romper". I figured getting just a simple romper, not floral or anything crazy, would be a good idea since then I wouldn't really be going out of my comfort zone if I didn't like it. Not to mention it was just $5.

I like wearing this romper because its super comfortable and most of the time I can get away with wearing it without a bra. Putting the belt around the waist was my way to break up the waistline a little bit. Since, you know, wearing a romper doesn't really give you much of a waist. 

To be perfectly honest, as much as I like my simple romper, I haven't been completely romper convinced. Sure, I think they are cute. And, yes, they are fairly comfortable. Unless, of course, you drink loads of water (like I do) and have to make frequent trips to the bathroom. 

I'm feeling a bit better today, so I'm going to help my mom repaint the bathroom in my family home. Should be fun. Also, I watched BBC America's new show "The Hour" last night. It was fabulous! Anyone else watch?


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

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