25 August 2011

Favorite Fall Trends

I went through all my favorite style website to comprise a list of my favorite fall trends! Check them out below and places where you can purchase items.

Leather Skirts

I love the leather mini tread because it maintains all the playfulness of a mini skirt while adding an element of edginess to feminine outfit. I would pair a leather mini like this with short booties, heels, or knee high saddle boots. Thats the beauty of a leather mini, it can take you anywhere, from day to night with almost any shoe.

I picked these two leather skirts pictured above from H&M and Free People.

Polka Dots

Do Polka Dots really ever go out of style? I'm just so glad they are "back in" and trendy because I love small, large, any size of polka dot print on anything and everything, not just retro bathing suits. It's all about the Polka dot this season, and almost every major retailer is following this trend so there should be no problem rockin' the dots this fall. 

I love this little baby doll dress from Chicwish.com, and this blouse from Forever 21.

Tuxedo Inspired

Basically, it should come as no surprise that the tuxedo trend is still going strong. The blazer has been a trend for over a year now, and I honestly don't want it to stop. A blazer can immediately add a level of sophistication to an ensemble that almost nothing else can. What I love about this tuxedo trend is the conservative bow tie collars and the tuxedo vest. 

So you could take the Polka Dot blouse above from Forever 21, tie the collar tighter, in a nice big bow, slap a vest over that from H&M, and pair it with the H&M leather skirt and there you you have it, a completely trendy outfit. All these trends kinda bleed together, which makes for easy mixing and matching, and a breather for your wallet.

I love this H&M Blazer, H&M Vest, and Asos Vero Moda Top. The easiest way to update a white collared shirt or blouse you already have is buy some inexpensive black ribbon from a craft store, cut the edges on a diagonal to reduce fraying, and tie it around your collared shirt into a bow or tie. 


I know I've already gushed about the cape trend, but I must talk about it again. It kinda follows in the same vein as the tuxedo trend, because it adds a level of sophistication. But instead it adds a feminine playful sophistication that might get lost by a blazer or tuxedo top.

I picked out these two camel capes from Romwe.com and Topshop. I like both of these for different reasons. I love the massive belt detail on the Romwe cape because it will be waist defining. But I love also love the horse-back riding detailing of the Topshop double buckle cape. 

Sixties Silhouettes

So this trend and the cape trend kinda go hand in hand. I'm a bit confused about this trend because I really thought Seventies silhouettes were coming back but maybe I've been mistaken! Either way, I'm so excited by the resurgence of the sixties because its absolutely one of my favorite fashion decades. 

Even some of the colors of the sixties are back in too, like this mustard yellow long puffy sleeved dress from H&M. I love the lace detailing of this dress from Forever 21. Honestly, both of these dresses just scream Austin Powers to me and it's fantastic! 

Just imagine wearing either of those dresses with one of the capes above, some tights, and little booties! 

Hope you enjoyed my favorite fall trends!


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