26 August 2011

The Gentlewoman

I know every Michigander is feeling the sting Border's going out of business. As much as I sort of enjoyed perusing their "going out of business sale" shelves with nothing like "going out of business sale prices" (I mean really? 10% off? You're going OUT OF BUSINESS!), it was still sad. 

I did find some really great stuff though, like this magazine, The Gentlewoman. It's this new kind of fashion magazine thats only published biannually, it's not absurdly thick with millions of advertisements, and it doesn't leave it's reader hanging.

The Gentlewoman is divided into four chapters, Modernisms, Features, Fashions, & Etcetera. The simple and sleek style allows the reader to concentrate on the interesting interviews, fabulous pictures, and content of the magazine.

What's most different and interesting about this magazine is two things: 1. the way they approach discussing fashion with their audience, and 2. the extra information they provide to their readers about everything they feature in the magazine.

Chapter 3: Fashions: "Colorations"

So this isn't just about discussing the latest trends with massive collages of different designers works that seems as though they were made for the ADD sufferer. It's in your face trendiness. Flip through the "Colourations" section and the latest color trends are full page pictures of the colors. It almost makes me want to rip out little swatches to keep on my mirror or in my journal. But I could never do that to a magazine like this.

Chapter 3: Fashions: "Swoosh"

They also have single page pictures of simple examples of the latest trends in clothing as well. So it's no longer about having a headache looking through your favourite fashion magazine, but being able to breath and comprehend just exactly what's in this season.

Chapter 4: Etcetera

The "Etcetera" Chapter is the most interesting and innovative part of the magazine. It gives you the backstory on the interviewees, fashion history lessons, an index for every name listed in the magazine and an advertising index complete with web addresses. So no more reading an article and jumping to your computer when you have no idea what designer or PR person they are talking about, or what this designer is famous for. It's all there in "Etcetera".

I really love what The Gentlewoman is putting out there. It's sophisticated, elegant, informative, interesting, and intelligent. Their interviews explore how powerful and intelligent women can be, free of stupid questions about favorite makeup or their relationships with their significant others. They read more like mini biographies than the typical question answer session that's printed right on the page.

I just had to share it with everyone! 

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In other news, I'm going to a fashion show tonight in Detroit! I'm very excited to see what they'll be serving up and can't wait to blog about it!

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  1. That is so neat! Although ads are fun to look at, I really do enjoy reading discussions on fashion as well as interviews. And AGREED! Border's "going out of business sales" are a joke. I don't think the prices get sale-worthy until 70%-90% off, but something tells me they don't go that far. Grr.


    P.S. I would follow you, but I can't seem to find a "follow" button anywhere. :[

  2. Well thanks for letting me know! I added the "Follow button"! Glad you enjoyed my post! :D