17 August 2011


Even though the summer may be winding down, the heat is still in full force. The past couple of weeks in Michigan have been quite nice, even cool. But the heat turned up again yesterday. Wearing this $5 light tank top from H&M made it a little more bearable though!

Rough and rugged jean shorts have been a major trend this summer. I actually made these last winter to wear with tights and a dress shirt, which is usually how I like to wear them. They've definitely come in handy this summer as well. I just took some old American Eagle jeans, and cut them a little bit long so I could fold them up to make the cuff. I did try and fry them a little on my own by just pulling some of the fibers at the edge. The best way to fray them is just to wear them, wash them, and dry them.

I like pairing the white tank with the belt to give it something a little extra. You know, break up all the white. I'm not much of an accessory girl, in terms of jewelry and what not. I just hate having things hanging off my body. So I like to accessorize with belts instead. I also tucked the white tank in the front to show off the shorts. Otherwise it would completely cover them.

I know I've worn these Target heels a lot, but I just love them! I love the edginess, yet feminine style of them. I also like that they aren't too high. They are so completely comfortable to walk in too! I think they were the best thing I purchased this spring for summer. These shoes add the same edgy elements, without over doing it, to this outfit that the shorts add. 

I hope this warm weather doesn't quit, maybe we'll have an Indian summer! 

Lots of Love,


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

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